My Review of Google’s IT Support Certificate

Back in mid 2020 when we where at the peak moment where the pandemic hit the world like no one was ever expecting Google introduced their Google Career Certificates program, this program was designed to up skill individuals with no prior experience in several fields such as IT Support, Data Analytics, Project Management, UX Design … Continue reading My Review of Google’s IT Support Certificate

CompTIA Exam Discount Codes

If you are considering to schedule your next CompTIA Exam and want to save a few bucks here are a few methods you can score a 10% Off discount when purchasing your exam voucher. The first one is by signing up to the CompTIA IT Career News newsletter, this provides you with a 100% off … Continue reading CompTIA Exam Discount Codes

Free Microsoft Fundamentals Exam Vouchers

If you are interesting in getting to learn a bit about the latest about the different Microsoft products and also earn a certification while a it, well you are in luck! Microsoft is holding what they are calling Microsoft Virtual Training Days which are pre-recorded webinars with Live Q&A thru chat almost every week and … Continue reading Free Microsoft Fundamentals Exam Vouchers