Free Microsoft Fundamentals Exam Vouchers

If you are interesting in getting to learn a bit about the latest about the different Microsoft products and also earn a certification while a it, well you are in luck!

Microsoft is holding what they are calling Microsoft Virtual Training Days which are pre-recorded webinars with Live Q&A thru chat almost every week and attending these will secure you a free exam voucher for any of the Fundamental exams listed below.

Training Day NameExam
Microsoft Azure Virtual Training Day: FundamentalsAZ-900
Microsoft Azure Virtual Training Day: AI FundamentalsAI-900
Microsoft Azure Virtual Training Day: Data FundamentalsDP-900
Microsoft Power Platform: FundamentalsPL-900
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Virtual Training Day: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Fundamentals (CRM)MB-910
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Virtual Training Day: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Fundamentals (ERP)MB-920
Microsoft Security, Compliance and Identity FundamentalsSC-900
Managing Microsoft TeamsMS-700
Microsoft Training Days that offer a free exam voucher

To view available dates for the topic of your interest check out the Microsoft Virtual Training Day website, in case you can’t find a date for the topic you are looking for you can try seeing if there are sessions upcoming on any of the other regions Microsoft does business in such as Europe, some times I’ve gotten lucky and secured an early AM time for me when there where no sessions being offered in the Americas or with empty seats. These webinars fill up fast so book your spot quickly!

24 hours after the event has completed (if it was on a Friday you will get this email next Monday) you will receive an email thanking you for your participation and letting you know you are eligible for 100% discount exam voucher related to the session you attended and you can proceed to book your exam on your Microsoft Learn Certification Dashboard, just as and FYI in some cases these vouchers can take up to 5 business days to show up for me they have always appeared 24 hours after the event ended or the next business day. Now something I want to clarify these are not your standard code based vouchers they are 100% discount vouchers hard coded into your Microsoft Learn profile so make sure you are using the same email to register for the webinar and signing into your Microsoft Learn account.

I’ve already taken several of these exams (AZ-900, SC-900 and MB-910) as of writing this post and would encourage anyone that has the time and interest make the most out of this opportunity if you want to get into the latest Microsoft has to offer, for me it’s been a delight as I’m getting back into IT freshening up on everything Azure and Microsoft 365 has to offer.

To study for each of the exams, Microsoft has crafted very robust free learning paths over at Microsoft Learn that are easy to follow and many of them offer sandbox environments for you to take out the products for a spin without having to setup a complex environment to do self-study.

Now for the “fine print”, from what I’ve been able to gather from Microsoft support forums is that vouchers are valid for 90 days from the date of the event, after that time the voucher will expire. Additionally there seems to be a limit to the vouchers you can claim and that is 5 regardless of to how many training days you register for.

Best of luck with your Fundamentals exams! and let me know which ones you signed up for and how you did on them!


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