CompTIA Exam Discount Codes

If you are considering to schedule your next CompTIA Exam and want to save a few bucks here are a few methods you can score a 10% Off discount when purchasing your exam voucher.

The first one is by signing up to the CompTIA IT Career News newsletter, this provides you with a 100% off code you can use on CompTIA online webstore when buying an exam voucher. If you go this route and bundle training from CompTIA as well there are other discounts that are added on top and even the opportunity to retake the exam in case you do not pass on your first attempt.

Another way to get 10% off in the CompTIA online webstore is using the code PEARSON10 from Pearson IT Certification, however this particular code is limited and does not apply to all exams, to read the fine print visit Pearson’s website.

For more info on how to get CompTIA discount codes check out CompTIA’s blog.


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